The Orchid

In turn....You can expect a change in your perception of a conventional take on seeing things accordingly.

We always strive to perform the best.

Feel the change....while you walk into any of our Creations.

We transform lands to landmarks.

We are here to make your day.

We strive
to serve all...


The idea is to create an ambience....a positive one.

Once you contemplate to settle in an abode ....and drop in sure to expect a positive energy around you....that reflects from all that is built smartly....which provides positive life sense, positive thinking to create a positive and happy family.

Our ethics...our culture are all imbibed in our our all creations.

'The Orchid' believes in walking together....achieving one milestone after another...

We strive towards creating an Eco Friendly World.

We strive to provide the most coveted Living Spaces... where you can pump in enough oxygen to seize the day.

We strive to serve all, irrespective of budgets.

We create life style as well as budget homes.