The Orchid Group

The Orchid Group was initiated in 2005, operating mainly in the field of Real Estate Development. It is in business since 2007 and now is one of the leading Real Estate Company in Kolkata, West Bengal. We are a symbol of commitment, dignity, value and trust. The Group brings you the promise to elevate your lifestyle with their remarkable architecture and features like huge open space, club house, plenty of indoor and outdoor games for children, convenience shopping centre and around the clock facilities managed and maintained efficiently.

The Organisation has been driven by highly experienced, dedicated, ethical, committed, visionary, enthusiastic as well as responsible leaders who have a great vision to bring miraculous changes in the field of real-estate and in the field of winning the trust of customer forever.  

WHY Orchid


We continuously aspire to provide best services to our clients with the promise of a happy life, pleasant moments and exquisite living. The Orchid Group has emerged as one of the eminent companies in real estate business, partnering with the best architects; we transform lands to landmarks.


Quality is our utmost priority. Our buildings are made with world class construction material. We work with the best known brands to give you your dream house. We work continuously to deliver premium quality houses.


Safety of our clients is also an essential factor to us, especially with the electro- mechanical and electrical equipments. Elevators have ARD (automatic rescue device) and all electrical copper wiring are done with modular switches of reputed brand (ISI standard).We have 24x7 security facilities and fireproofing.


Our aim is not just to build buildings but communities, where people from all corners of the world and all stages of life can thrive and live comfortably. Wide open lawn, club house, gymnasium, meditation hall, library and 24x7 power back-up to elevate your experience, with on-time project completion.


Our designs are perfect blend for harmonious and joyful living. Designs are done with the consultation of best architect at different stages and areas of development such as structural design, interior planning, electro- mechanical equipments, landscaping, plumbing, lighting and fire fighting depending on the requirements of specific projects.


Our motto is to build reputed residential and commercial spaces in and around prime locations, to provide our clients with full accessibility and mobility to their specific destinations without isolating them. Availability of daily conveyance also serves the purpose.


Water is a precious resource, without which we would cease to exist. Smart water management and landscape planning has been adopted to extend life of water resources and reduce landscape maintenance and labour.

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